Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sew Crafty!

So what do you do if your team has many key players with injuries, playing the number 1 team in the nation and it's pouring down rain? You sew! Bless my Hogs hearts but this was going to be a tough game on the best of days so to keep this naturally anxious momma from screaming at the tv all afternoon at plays I can not control I decided to finish the project I started last week. I loved this fabric with little owls and birdies on it, plus Chris and I both love the color combination of green and purple. Below are a few photos of the the finished product which isn't perfect but was made with a lot of love and a few cuss words! Not bad for my first article of clothing for this spoiled little girl! :)

Whooo rocked the project? Momma!

I added trim to the bottom and it ended up creating an elastic effect. Oops!

Hadley will wear it... And love it!

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