Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Perfect Furniture and Potty Pals

So earlier this month I posted a few photos of what inspired us for the baby's room. I also mentioned that we found potential furniture in my parents storage barn! Finally! After much delay... I have downloaded the photos of that furniture before being transformed into what we hoped would be the cutest furniture I couldn't have ever bought! I say that because I have searched for and priced sets with similar character well into the several hundred dollar range. Excluding us due to budget. Boo.. 

Nevertheless! We were determined to make this set work for our needs and to be cute to boot! So without further ado... Here are the first photos of the before photos!

The desk was missing a drawer which had fallen off.

The headboard. Wow. And the piece to the right.. Just remember looks can be deceiving.

Potty Pals. And no! I do not claim responsibility for that masterpiece.

10 - 12 years of gross build up in storage.

Stay tuned for the transformation photos and have a swell day!

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