Monday, August 6, 2012

The Perfect Baby Room

So it was inevitable that once we found out Baby Rogers was a girl our ideas of a simply sharing a room with the baby and having a modest and simple design was out the window. After hours of searching pinterest and the web for inspiration I was set on the shabby chic and sweet girly nursery I'd always envisioned. I was inspired by these rooms!

Then came searching for the furniture that would be perfect for her room.. I look on craigslist, I priced new furniture, we looked at a few vintage shops but nothing was perfect (or I should say perfect and priced right)! Frustration set in. Then my mother called me with a suggestion. She said the furniture I used as a child was still out in the storage shed. Soooo... Chris and I came down one night to take a look. It was worth a chance!

Once we started digging we found all the pieces in repairable shape and the decision was made to put in the many many hours of labor to bring these pieces back to life! 

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