Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Last day of undergrad...

Well... it's finally here. I can't really believe it but I have made it through my undergraduate degree program (and alive)! I've had a few milestones along the way that I will never forget either. Met my best friends.

Lesley was my official freshman year (many many years ago). Kelly and I met the year after I decided to take a break from college. Paige my "second" freshman year (first year of interior design) or College 2.0 as sweet Paige would say. And Miss Susie my sophomore year of design- we learned we had more in common  than design when we celebrated the first of many joint birthdays together. All of these girls  have enriched my life greatly. During that time I was introduced to some of the most caring professors I've ever met. My first nephew was born my second first year. I met my husband my first junior year of school. I withdrew from the program moved to Virginia for that man then moved back before you could say Woo Pig Sooie! Re-enrolled in the program and the rest is history. By the way I love the class that I joined! The last two years of my experience has been so important and special that I can't even begin to blog about it but I'm trying!

I was married the winter of my second junior year. My sweet mother-in-law passed away during that spring and I helped in the Interior Design program all summer. Wow what a summer! The CIDA accreditation taught me so much about responsibility and teamwork. Then came senior year. Programming all semester was challenging at times but with good friends and great company I made it to the last semester. Oh and if we're keeping count of life milestones... I lost my darling baby Hankie dog. :( But sweet nephew number two joined the family! This has been a crazy roller coaster of emotions, life, love and ultimately best learning experience of my life.When I look back at it I realize that while I was just trying to get through the program my life was happening all around. These years weren't just about a degree. It was a time of growth personally and professionally.

The future should be just as excited but I'm sure I will never be able to replace these memories. It was worth every second to just have these people and experiences in my life. Looking forward to the next chapter. Me