Thursday, March 15, 2012

Autodesk Render Cloud

Yesterday, I began the process of downloading the Autodesk Render Cloud. After almost 24 hours of trying to get it on to my computer and then waiting another 3 hours until it finished rendering.. Here is the result. (I am also putting up a regular Revit rendering of the same view for comparison.)


Autodesk Render Cloud

Revit Rendering

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Palette ideas

Exam Room

Infusion Area

Teen Area- Cafe

Teen Area- Cafe

Young Child Area - Cafe

Cafe Area

Lobby/Reception Area

Overall Palette


Adult Area- Cafe

Break out the bubbly!

Last week we completed another major activity charette. I chose the resource library for the parents in the center of the clinic. The space is designed to help inform the parents and patients about the disease and various treatment options and healthy living tips outside of the healthcare facility. The space is intended to be a safe haven for parents to review the information and relax during their visit. The materials palette is suppose to evoke an effervescence that is carefree, as if you were in your own living room. I joked in class that some of the fabric selections reminded me of bubbles or champagne which could be relaxing for the parents in such a stressful situation.
A sketch of the front of the space facing the elevators.

Ceiling treatment options.

Southwest and south views of the resource library with annotations.

Layout options for the resource library.

The materials palette was chosen to be playful in an adult sort of way. Throughout the clinic playful materials and colors have been chosen to make the children feel more relaxed and connected to the process of their treatment. This palette consists of slightly darker fabrics to represent the more sophisticated tastes of the adult population but the textures and patterns evoke an inner childlike feeling or as stated before the champagne bubbles!
Materials palette for the resource library.