Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The white rabbit and healthy living

Irony. So funny sometimes and so unwelcome other times. I am designing a healthcare facility as you know and while I have be researching the very best antimicrobial finishes to ensure the health of the patients... I have fallen victim to the curse of a virus myself. Oh you know those 24 hour bugs as they say may only last 24 hours but you feel as if it could take a week to catch back up in real world time.

I am trying to stay afloat by working on concept development revisions from home today. Here is a look at the latest concept board that was created while trying not to worry about real world time or catching the white rabbit that is Studio. (Remember: I'm under the weather so if that did not make sense.. I get a pass today!)

It features microscope art, fun (and recycled) elements to engage the patients, and vibrant playful color palettes with soothing de-saturated gray tones so as not to overstimulate those who visit the clinic. The wonderland concept is about more than just incorporating whimsy into the design. It is about reflecting on what you consider to be possible, accepting that voids are part of life-providing us a beneficial reprieve sometimes, and celebrating the small details (and scale) which have a huge impact on our lives, especially when you change your perspective! Your future is not written in stone. Create your own wonderland.

Stay healthy friends.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Pinterest.. an amazing design tool?

Just thought I would share a link to the clinic concept photos I have been collecting in a pinterest folder. Then of course as usual, I found more to talk about than just the link. :) Isn't it so funny how certain websites become part of our pop culture overnight?! I remember when my mother first told me about pinterest. Yes, my mother was ahead of the game on this little gem! Almost instantly, I found myself spending hours pinning away, consumed with this new found joy in my life. 

My point to this short little quip is that not over a year ago I wouldn't have had a clue how to successfully collect and display the wonderful images that saturate that lovely little invention called the internet. These images are the very essence of what I hope this clinic will convey. Technology is cool. Design is fabulous. Having the forethought to combine them... well they get my GOLD star tonight. Oh and my favorite part: the citation is right there and we students all know how important citing our sources can be.

So in the end... why wouldn't I add this new pop icon to my dictionary?!
Happy Pinning and in our case.. Happy Designing as well.

Check our the clinic concept ideas here:

Friday, January 20, 2012

Fast Company

I was just turned on to today by my professor and I am in love. Below is just one of the fascinating articles I have read so far. This article inspires me to believe there are opportunities to follow in the discipline I have trained and incorporate my love of photography in the process. Hmm.. Something to think about. Happy Friday.

Photo by Carl Kleiner for Ikea

Photo by Carl Kleiner for Ikea

This is a great beginning to your project.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Concept Presentation and Statement

Concept Statement:

The concepts of continuum and sequences will enhance the overall experience of the clinic for patients, families, and staff. These concepts were inspired by the dynamic illustrations created by Eric Carle and the structure of DNA. Sequences provide the building blocks of our world from the molecular to the macro-scale and provide stability during an emotionally trying time. The continuum concept is important because the treatment of patients should never be thought of as a discrete instance but rather an ongoing process. By emphasizing the importance of providing a continuum of support and the stability and support provided by sequences into the design, the needs of all users can be fulfilled.

Much like the style of Eric Carle’s articulation, the entrance setting sets a specific mood which creates the foundation for the entire experience. A setting of enjoyment and comfort will greet the patient and his/her family through the use of many different materials which exhibit a variety of materials. The integration of a multilayered, multisource lighting scheme will also help set a tone for visual comfort within the clinic. Curvilinear paths reduce the abruptness that sharp angles may produce visually. Translucent materials on enclosures will suggest privacy without compromising the continuity among spaces and allowing natural light to reach as much of the interior as possible. A balance of neutral and saturated colors along with patterns in the fabrics will reduce the feeling of an institutional space. Incorporating texture in wall treatments will provide an engaging distraction for children who are in transition to another activity within the clinic. All of these materials will be used to enhance the idea of cohesion within the sequencing of design.

The unpredictability of the disease can be balanced with the organization of the spaces and continuum of support for the patient from parents, friends, staff and the community. Just as when errors occur in a person’s DNA sequence which can result in cancer; spaces which are not organized properly can cause a breakdown in rhythm and circulation. The space will be organized to maximize patient comfort and reducing stress. This sequence of spaces is intended to move patients through the healthcare process smoothly ultimately leading to the goal of wellness. The patient will also experience a more organic feeling when exposed to the natural light and connections to the outdoors on every level of the building, an emotional reprieve from the structured and safe experience the enclosures will provide throughout the clinic. Flexibility within the clinic will also be achieved through selection of adaptable furniture groupings and a contrast of private, public and outdoor areas for patients to choose from.

The idea of continuum in design is significant to the project because the facility must accommodate a diverse group of patients, creating a feeling of support and unity throughout the clinic. The design solution will embody the idea of diversity being perceived as one unit to strengthen the idea that the clinic meets the needs of the group of patients but also recognizes the individuality amongst the diversity.

Is it that time already?

Finally. The last semester of the last year. I just want to wish my fellow classmates an abundance of patience for frustrating revisions, a plethora of love for friends/family who mean well but unintentionally interrupt us while we are in "the zone", and finally a pocket full of optimism during the next few challenging months while searching out the perfect job.  Be proud. Be open to opportunity. Be true to yourself. Good luck.