Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Portfolio - Photography

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Portfolio - Commercial Project 2


Provide an environment that enhances the quality of life for the employees through comfort and health.
Provide an environment that conveys a sense of energy, creativity, passion, and future focus.
Provide an environment that supports the firm’s work and encourages communication and collaboration.
Provide an environment that is fiscally responsible and steps lightly on the earth.
Provide an environment that celebrates the clientele and advances the individual organizations’ missions.

Ideation Sketches and SketchUp Rendering

Floor Plan

Materials Palette and Furniture

Portfolio - Residential Tiny House


The challenge was to design a home under 200 square feet that accommodated the amenities of a
traditional home. The client was a single young woman who traveled frequently. The space reflects
an elegant style with the necessary flexibility to remain open and comfortable.

Ideation Sketches

Floor Plan and Materials Palette


Portfolio - Residential Apartment


The goal for this project was to design a space for a family moving to the united states from Iran.
By researching their heritage, culture, religion, and design preferences, I was able to design a space
that gave the sense of belonging in a new country.

Hand Renderings

Floor Plan and Section Renderings

Portfolio - Commercial Project 1

Design a new corporate lobby that married the refined elegance of the Faber-Castell brand with innovative, creative and exciting design features. The goal was to rediscover the past and transfer it to the present with timeless design and modern technology.
SketchUp Renderings

Portfolio - Miscellaneous Projects

Miscellaneous Projects

Portfolio - Residential Home


Design a  residential home for a man who lives in fayetteville with his 10 year old daughter, jade. 
Daryl’s elderly mother visits for several months at a time requiring the home to be “visitable”. 
The arts and crafts period influenced the style and design of the home. 

Ideation Sketches and SketchUp Renderings

Floor Plan and SketchUp Rendering

AutoCAD drawings

Friday, April 22, 2011

Design Dazzle

I'd like to introduce you to Design Dazzle and Ms. Toni. I have her blog posts on my iGoogle page and everyday she comes up with wonderful ideas most of which are budget friendly. 

Today's post was about a vintage baby nursery on a budget.. 
It's just adorable (then again my husband and I are suckers for the sock monkey!)  
You should check her blog out.

Here is another example of a nursery she posted a while back that is just too cute!

Just love baby rooms! :) Happy Friday..

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Photoshop Inspiration

Yes I'm on a roll tonight.. I suppose that's what happens when your husband is out of town and you can't sleep. :) This weekend I took photos of a family friend's pre-prom escapes. Oh to be 15 again! The stories I could tell.. WAIT. That's a whole other blog post.  Back to reality. I'm old and would rather spend my nights editing with Photoshop and Picasa than dancing anyway! 

If you don't know photoshop... my advice is to youtube, google, read Photoshop for Dummies and most importantly: PLAY PLAY PLAY with Photoshop until your clicking finger is sore. This program is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. You can accomplish so much with so little. 

Below is a photo I took of Macey and her date. The sun was beaming down and shadows were strong. 
The photo turned out dark, uninspiring and not exactly the kind of image I'd put my name on. Until...




-Enhanced Color
-Cropping for Effect
-Surreal Glow Added
-Wood Chips Edited Out

I mentioned another program I use in conjunction with Photoshop, called Picasa. It's fabulous as well. I edit back and forth between the programs to get the desired effect. And I couldn't be happier. 

PICASA is a FREE program offered by Google which allows you to do simple edits of your photos. You should download it today!!

Check out more of my photos at:!/strucksphotography
Happy Editing! 

15 Minutes of Fame

Though I'm not usually keen on the spotlight.. Miss Zoe made a discovery today that first lead to my embarrassment then I realized it's kind of cool being "out there". You've always heard "everything you put on the internet is out there for EVERYONE to SEE". I'll be the first to admit I've googled myself in the past and the search has come up empty. Thankfully. But this afternoon Zoe, looking for design partis, found me

I posted my parti diagrams to my blog earlier this semester and never thought anything of it!
I suppose that's better than being found on Google for other things.. ;) Just a thought!

Google Search of Design Partis

The Results!

My Parti Diagrams and  Blog Photo

Sunday, April 10, 2011

April Showers...

Some of my favorite things in the world include: photography, friends, babies and cake.

Yesterday I hosted a baby shower for one of my oldest and dearest friends. While the frenzy to bring the shower together is somewhat nerve racking (especially this week), my darling husband and I banded together to make it happen in sweet fashion.

Most definitely the hardest part of a baby shower is the cost. I did some research and found some adorable ideas that I could recreate at home for a fraction of the cost.

And here is the result:


Baby Pennant

Paper Flower Balls
Simple Sugar Scrub Treats


Good Day. Good Friends. Good Times. Good Design Ideas! 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Never Enough

The craziness that is project due date time has come and gone yet I find that I'm still not satisfied with the results. Is that a natural characteristic of all designers? I wonder...   I was talking with a few fellow students the day after the projects were pinned up and I began to detect a trend. Each one of us ohhed and ahhed over other students' work. Pointing out the strong points at which that particular student excelled and comparing them to their own project, "This is so much better than mine, I feel like an underachiever." I felt the same way. I suppose the drive to always be better isn't such a bad notion. We just need to realize how talented we really are and have the confidence to stand behind our work.

I know I my floor plan has my heart and soul in all aspects of it's design and rendering. I should be pleased and I am... Mostly!

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