Sunday, February 27, 2011

Parti Diagram Creates Order

This week Jenn showed our studio two design examples of the same space. The one on the left was not designed with a parti in mind and the one on the right was designed with the help of a parti diagram.

A parti diagram is an idea sketch, an initial response to a site, a client’s program or some other conditions that begin to determine the order for designing a project. They don’t really represent what the project will look like in plan or elevation, but are a road map of the ideas of the project. (

Below is the parti diagram I settled on for my design solution. I incorporated my concept in the development of the parti so hopefully this will in turn create a more fluid design in the end.

And here is a sketch of how the space planning is coming along after that parti diagram. I feel like the parti helped me introduce circulation paths that make sense and allow for views of the building at different levels while also leading employees and clients back to the central node on any path they take.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Oh.. Portfolio design! Oh how you can take over my entire weekend. Three weeks ago I attended a portfolio seminar for design students. Sonia Davis Gutierrez of the New Design School gave us detailed information on designing our portfolios. After several professionals gave me feedback on my portfolio I left motivated, excited to re-vamp my overly stimulating portfolio.

Now here I am 2 days away from the Architectural Career Fair at the University of Arkansas and I must admit I'm frustrated with the progress I have made on my portfolio. I've taken over the desk at home trying to market my best self. The goal is to procure an internship with a wonderful company which I could learn from and go on to have a brilliant design career.

I suppose I should get back to the basics.

1. Brand your work so that it can be a stand alone piece if necessary.
2. Use descriptions on each page to orient anyone who looks at the work.
3. Strike a balance between many images and showing your best work.
4. Consistency!

Back to my portfolio. Good luck fellow student designers.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Update! Design from the HEART

Sweet Baby Mason
Born 8:59 am
6 lbs 11 oz
20 1/2 inches

Love that he was sporting
Valentine's Day outfit
made by his favorite
designer.. Cousin Stacey!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Design from the HEART

When you can't find what you want.. design it yourself! My cousin is being induced into early labor Monday, February 14th. To help her celebrate the holiday with her new baby my family and I searched high and low for a Valentine's Day outfit that would fit a newborn. NO LUCK. Then I got an idea! I could design a personalized outfit for her instead. I bought a pair of shorts made from sweatshirt material cut a heart out of them then sewed the material to a newborn onesie. A vintage look for less than $8.00. Now that's a design from the heart! ;)

Shorts from old navy $ 5.00
Christmas pants $ 3.00

Sewing kit $ 0.00

Outfit for Baby Priceless


Ergonomic Study Solution

Ergonomics. A topic I had never heard of 5 years ago. Furniture, cars and even kitchen utensils have been designed to better suit the end user. As design students, we understand how we can incorporate ergonomics in our design solutions to provide effective and efficient work spaces for clients but we often forget to take care of ourselves. Usually when I read I sit on my couch with my book in my lap and commence reading in a hunchback position. That posture would have my mother reeling. Honestly, I don't why I sit like this because my back and neck both pay the price.
Ok so here is an ergonomic solution for all walks of life but especially students who have hefty books to read almost daily. My I suggest you invest in a Jasmine Book Stand. You can find it at for around $29.99.