Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Perfect is a relative term.

As you can tell my original blog was of a personal nature. Even though some feel that a design blog should be primarily about design I want to discuss how the design and the designed world around me affects life and all aspects of it. | Stacey Trucks Rogers

From the first moment I stepped into the Crescent Hotel, I knew I wanted to marry there. The Conservatory Room was so simple but so beautiful. The big black doors created a dramatic statement and the narrow hallway leading to the room just made the experience that much more dramatic when you finally see the room as a whole.

With the white wainscoting, the stone wall and natural light pouring into the warm space I was in love. For the RECEPTION that is. I know hoping for warm weather in December is just wishful thinking, BUT the eternal optimist in me yearned for a 60 degree miracle on December 30, 2010.

Three days before the wedding I checked to find that the conditions were optimistically pleasing. A balmy 54 degrees was slated for my day. An outdoor wedding in December was possible. The boardwalk off the Conservatory Room would have been the most beautiful setting for "walking down the aisle" or so I thought. After much contemplation and many urges from wiser elders in my wedding cavalry, I reluctantly consented to having both the ceremony and reception in the same room.
I tell you this story so that I can explain why not always getting exactly what you expect is sometimes better than you could ever hope for. The plan was for the ceremony to take place then the guests would be ushered out for 20 minutes to mingle while the staff transformed the room. Now as a budding designer I should have known the room had great potential to transition and wow my guests despite them having seen the room just half an hour before. However, as a less then logical bride-to-be, my creative brain failed to see the potential with an open mind. Giving up control and trusting others to do it right is sometimes the hardest thing a person has to do.

Above: The room as it looked for the ceremony.

Above: The room as it looked for the reception.

(As you can see... This bride/designer-to-be wasn't exactly releasing complete control that day!)

Nevertheless, when my husband and I walked back in, we experienced a whole new space. I was pleased. My guests oohed and awed over the simplicity that made the room gorgeous. Simple but elegant and beautiful. The jazz band played and we danced. Our "perfect" reception was amazing.

That's what I wanted.
I got what I wanted.
Just not exactly in the way I expected.
And that's just perfect!
- Stacey