Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sew Crafty!

So what do you do if your team has many key players with injuries, playing the number 1 team in the nation and it's pouring down rain? You sew! Bless my Hogs hearts but this was going to be a tough game on the best of days so to keep this naturally anxious momma from screaming at the tv all afternoon at plays I can not control I decided to finish the project I started last week. I loved this fabric with little owls and birdies on it, plus Chris and I both love the color combination of green and purple. Below are a few photos of the the finished product which isn't perfect but was made with a lot of love and a few cuss words! Not bad for my first article of clothing for this spoiled little girl! :)

Whooo rocked the project? Momma!

I added trim to the bottom and it ended up creating an elastic effect. Oops!

Hadley will wear it... And love it!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


This morning I have been at the hospital since 7:15am. I have been fasting since roughly 10pm and I am not a happy camper inside! On the outside I have been chit chatting with the patients coming and going in the lab waiting room, watching my favorite shows Drop Dead Diva and Army Wives, and trying to practice the patience that will be vital when Little Miss Hadley gets here. Grrr.. this is not fun! Telling myself just have faith, be patient, and remember it is all worth it in the end. Only 45 minutes to go!

Yum yum drink and not so happy momma to be..

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Patience, love, and stress

Most days its easy to think about how wonderful life really is. I have a wonderful husband who despite being a busy grad student would bend over backwards for me (and HJ). A sweet baby girl on the way and a crazy awesome family that supports each other through stress, drama, and the everyday perils of ordinary life. But... I, as some of you know, am quite an anxious person who on occasion gets beyond stressed out about this and that.

This week it has been the fact that Chris has to be gone soooo much for his research. He typically is gone for 3 days then has to run samples over the next 2 days- basically leaving only the weekend for "us" time. However, as I have realized over time, this does not mean we can or should pack in as much excitement as normal families get who see each other daily.

I am the type who loves to be around others and on the go, alot. Chris on the other hand likes his down time and I have unfairly bombarded this only time off with lots of requests for "us" time. He truly does his best to accommodate such a extroverted wife but bless his heart! Chris just reminds me that this will all be over soon and I will be stuck with him at home all the time in the future, as he makes a face as if I would hate that! 

I know this research is a necessary evil for finishing the amazing journey called Ph.D candidacy; however, I can't help but become a little sad when he will/has been gone 13 out of  the next 14 days. I know I am a grown woman and shouldn't react as if I were a child being left at daycare for the first time- yet I lost it today. Experiencing emotion is healthy right?! I have always thought that getting your emotions out was healthier than repressing them but then again I've never been pregnant before now. This is new territory for me and hopefully has not been to the detriment of sweet baby HJ.

I suppose I do have the benefit of looking to other mothers I respect and seeing that it is completely normal to feel out of control on occasion. That truly does put me at ease a bit. I am not crazy or alone in these emotions. Someone whom I have looked up to for several years is Kelly Martin Stamps. To me she has been the epitome of sweet southern lady turned amazing mother turned funny, wise, and influential blogger. She posted yesterday about becoming Unglued. Like I said a minute ago I feel better about knowing this happens to the best of women out there. Being a good wife or mother has more to do with the fact that you can be honest about things like this, take a deep breath, pray, and move on from it rather than hiding it away and pretending it doesn't exist. Thank you Kelly for making me feel human and for just being you! 

Another person who makes me feel loved and human even at my worst is my own mother. It's times like today when I realize that being a good mother sometimes has nothing to do with showing your child how strong they can be. It's showing them that being vulnerable is perfectly fine too. At my worst sometimes I try to push away from any support fearing that it is better to be sad alone. My mother said to me I love you so much that I want to be your punching bag. Basically saying, I am hear to listen and absorb the venom you are feeling because that's what good mothers do. They want the hurt to go away from their child. Vulnerability allows you to let down your guard, get out that emotion, and then start to feel better. 

I have been told I have to be strong for HJ. I shouldn't get so stressed out. I feel that in actuality the fact that I get it out, breath, and then move on from it is healthier for us both in the long run. I cried and cried when Chris left. Took a warm shower crying even more. Then fell asleep. Woke up and felt better. I have spent the evening talking to HJ and rubbing my tummy. She has been kicking off and on for the last two hours. Responding to my voice and the tummy rubbing. I feel if she can forgive me for occasionally feeling down or stressed out then life truly is good. I will be there for her just as my mom and husband and friends have been there for me. Love is shown in many ways. The kicks I feel even after such negativity show me that love starts out very early on. I love you too Hadley Jane.

Sneak Peek! Baby HJ's Nursery

Some of you may have gotten more than a sneak peek if you have visited the Rogers household recently. However! Many of you have not! So I'll give you a little taste of the work in progress.. This as I have said before has been such a fun process. Oh how I love this little girl and so hope she loves her new home as much as we do. Although, I will say it's highly likely my dream of having a girlie girl will be dashed by a tough little chick who loves camo and guns more than pink and ruffles! Maybe we can settle on pink ruffled camo?! Only time will tell... Voila!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sweat Equity

Probably self explanatory but here are more photos of Daddy (and Grandpa Fred helped too!) hard at work on the set for HJ's room.

The broken drawer face from the desk. (Previous post)

Daddy sanding the grooves for the headboard.

Hardware off and drawer front sanded.

See! I told you looks can be deceiving! The hutch and chest of drawers
had so much paint it had to be stripped down. Red paint was underneath.

Finally bare wood under all that paint.

Ooh! Daddy finally priming the headboard. 
In the next post I'll give you a sneak peek of the perfect furniture and parts of her nursery! Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Perfect Furniture and Potty Pals

So earlier this month I posted a few photos of what inspired us for the baby's room. I also mentioned that we found potential furniture in my parents storage barn! Finally! After much delay... I have downloaded the photos of that furniture before being transformed into what we hoped would be the cutest furniture I couldn't have ever bought! I say that because I have searched for and priced sets with similar character well into the several hundred dollar range. Excluding us due to budget. Boo.. 

Nevertheless! We were determined to make this set work for our needs and to be cute to boot! So without further ado... Here are the first photos of the before photos!

The desk was missing a drawer which had fallen off.

The headboard. Wow. And the piece to the right.. Just remember looks can be deceiving.

Potty Pals. And no! I do not claim responsibility for that masterpiece.

10 - 12 years of gross build up in storage.

Stay tuned for the transformation photos and have a swell day!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Baby Adelaide | 8 month shoot

This past weekend I did a shoot for Baby Adelaide and her parents. This baby has so much character! She had me smiling the whole time. I have been fortunate enough to be involved in several of her life  milestones: momma's maternity shots, her newborn shots, and now her 8 month shots (aka 6 month planned shoot)! I look forward to seeing her continue to grow and develop her effervescent personality! See you in a few more months sweet girl. Also, check out her momma's blog Away at Home Mom for a snippet about s. trucks photography!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Design Camp 2012

This summer I was invited to participate in a design camp for high school students. Thank you to Phoebe Lickwar, Aubrey Pate Mitchell, Alison Turner, Jenny Bermudez, Katie Dunn, Colby Ritter, Robert Whittemore, and the wonderful students who made this week a fantastic experience! Check out the photos from the camp! Also, check out this link for an article on the camp through the University.